Forex Glossary

Absolute advantageis an advantage in the production of certain goods or services some country has over the others due to peculiarities of climate, education, labour resources and other factors. If a country has an absolute advantage in certain industries, it can produce the corresponding goods and services at a lower cost per unit than its competitors.
Accounta special personal account opened with the company by a client. This account is used to offset the obligations of the client and the dealer that result from the deals concluded under the present agreement.
Account historya full list of completed transactions and non-trading operations of a certain trading account.
Accounting currencythe currency unit in which deposit/withdrawal operations are performed.
Advisera trading account management algorithm in the form of a program engineered in MetaQuotes Language 4, that sends requests and orders to the server via the client terminal (platform).
AMIEUstands for Australian Meat Industry Employees' Union. The union represents the interests of workers in the meat industry in Australia.
Annual inflationis the increase of the overall prices for goods and services during the period of one calendar year.
APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)is a forum of 21 Asia-Pacific countries that seeks to promote free trade, investment liberalisation and facilitation across the region, as well as to foster economic growth and strengthen the Asia-Pacific community.
Askis the offer price; the price at which a seller is willing to sell the base currency.
ArbitrageArbitrage is the acquisition of a certain good at the smallest price possible on the market, whilst simultaneously selling it elsewhere for a much higher price in order to make a profit. In a Forex context, this process allows traders to make profit in a short time span on the back of short-term price disparancies between currency rates.
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