IB Certificates

About Our Certificates

In order to help you establish your credibility as a partner and designate you trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients, our design team has prepared a special partner certificate. This document serves as proof that you are affiliated with SuperForex and gives you a number of permissions:

The right to register customer accounts for your clients upon their request.

The right to deposit or withdraw funds for your clients in case they are unable to do so (for example, some might not have access to a payment system and find it difficult to deposit money into their own accounts).

The right to issue coupons for bonuses that will stimulate current and potential traders.

The right to organize Forex educational courses on behalf of SuperForex.

You can request your certificate by contacting our Partnership Department at partners@superforex.com. You will be notified about the status of your request shortly. Note that certificates are valid for three years after the date issued.