Interest Rate on Equity

Free Money Generate Income

About This Service

What is the one goal that unites all of our clients and partners? The prospect of profit, of course. This is why we wanted to devise a way for you to earn more by not doing anything extra, so we added interest rate on equity.

Advantages of the Service

Free Margin

Operate only the free funds, that are not used in open positions.

Passive Service

You don’t need to actively do anything in order to profit from it.

Proportional Profit

Earn more if you have more funds (profit, deposits) in your account.


What this means is that your account equity (the money you have available from deposits, profits, and losses) will be subject to a 5% annual interest rate, with monthly payments into your account. Just like with a bank deposit, your money will increase by the corresponding percentage every month just by being there.


The sum you earn every day will be calculated based on the formula:

(Free Mаrgin – Credit) × (5 / 100 / 360)

Now is the perfect time to open an account if you don’t have one yet: