Micro Cent Account

Ideal for those who are just starting their Forex career.

About the Micro Cent Account

Many beginner traders find the financial markets too whimsical and unpredictable, which exposes them to more risk and might discourage them from trading altogether. In order to help you get started with minimum risk, we developed our special Micro Cent Account - the perfect solution for traders who prefer a careful path to success.

The Micro Cent Account is created to work with small investments, so you don’t have to deposit large amounts of money or keep a lot of it on your account to meet equity requirements. This provides the perfect learning environment where you can become more experienced and confident in your skills, while still making a profit.

You are able to recharge your Micro Cent Account with a small deposit which would be displayed in cents and would appear 100 times bigger. This way you can trade without worrying about volume and free margins.

Detailed information

Account currencyUSD, EUR and ZAR
Maximum depositLimited 499 USD/EUR
Minimum deposit1 USD/1 EUR
Compatible with bonusesWelcome, Energy, Hot
Lot size10 000 cents
Maximum leverage1:1000
Forex СopyNo