300% Hot Bonus Agreement

1. SuperForex’s customers have the right to receive the 300% Hot Bonus when making a deposit to their real trading accounts. Minimal amount of deposit is $100 or equivalent.

2. If the deposit is less than $100, the client can get our Standard 150% Hot Bonus instead.

3. The Hot Bonus can be applied once per account, but no more than 3 times/per client.

4. The Hot Bonus on account replenishment shall be credited within a period of 24 hours as of application. The Bonus can only be credited to accounts that have been replenished.

5. Exclusivity and compatibility: The Hot Bonus cannot be credited to accounts, which have already been credited with other bonus types, except for the Energy Bonus. Customers who have already received some other type of bonuses and still want to take advantage of the Hot Bonus can open a new account and apply for the bonus with it.

5.1. In case if client requests both Energy and Hot Bonus, bonuses will be credited this way: 300% or 150% Hot Bonus to the first deposit while Energy Bonus on every next deposit.

6. Although identification information is not requested while applying for the Hot Bonus, the SuperForex Company reserves the right to request identification documents at its own discretion.

7. Profit got from the Hot Bonus is calculated and credited in a proportional amount between both: the deposit and bonus parts every time the deal is closed. Each deal influences the distribution of the profits on balances in different ways.

8. Withdrawals and bonus cancellation: The profit over the Hot Bonus can be withdrawn only after all Buy and Sell trades are completed.

8.1. The Bonus might be cancelled in full when equity on the account will be less than the amount of received bonus, provided that:

Y / Z < 0.3 for 300% bonus and Y / Z < 0.4 for 150% bonus, where:

Y = the current available balance in the account after the amount of the 300% (150%) Bonus and the other available bonuses, if any, have been deducted.

Z = the amount of the Bonus

So, the bonus can be cancelled in case of significant drawdown, calculated by the formula. To exclude cases of unexpected bonus cancellation due to significant drawdown, client can make new deposits.

8.2. Upon withdrawal, the Bonus will be cancelled in full, provided that:

(Y-X) / Z < 1, where:

X = the amount that is requested for withdrawal

Y = the current available balance in the account after the sum of the amount of the Hot Bonus and the amount of the other compatible bonuses has been deducted.

Z = the sum of the amount of the Hot Bonus and the amount of the Energy Bonus (if available) which is less than 1, therefore the Hot Bonus will be cancelled after this operation.

9. The profit made over the bonus amount, excluding bonus amount and bonus profit amount, can be withdrawn without any restrictions provided that all the terms and conditions of this agreement are fulfilled.

10. The SuperForex Company reserves the right to cancel the Bonus without any prior notice to its customers. Therefore, we strongly recommend that customers should not use the bonus funds in calculation of profit in their trading strategy.

11. The customer agrees that in case the SuperForex company finds facts of a fraud activity involving the bonus, the client's deals can be declared void and the results of the trading can be abolished.

12. SuperForex is not responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of cancelling the bonus, including but not limited to Stop Out, as the bonus is the ownership of SuperForex.

13. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the Bonus Agreement terms without prior notice.

14. By applying for the Hot Bonus you acknowledge you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

15. Bonus can be cancelled when your margin level become equal or less than 300%.