EDB Friends referral program

1. General conditions, terminology.

1.1. Referrer is a person owned by the SuperForex trading account, they will be eligible to receive reward as a payment for invited friend to trade with Easy deposit bonus and the SuperForex Company.

1.2. Referred person is a trader invited by the referrer to start trading with SuperForex and the Easy deposit bonus.

1.3. Reward is a virtual deposit granted to the Referrer’s trading account within “EDB referral links program” and the Easy deposit bonus program. It can be used within Easy deposit bonus program only and can’t be withdrawn being an integral part of the Easy deposit bonus.

1.4. For those referrers who are ready to invite more than 3 friends to trade with SuperForex, instead of the “EDB referral links” program the Company researched a special “Partnership affiliate program” with more possibilities by earnings without limitations. If you are one of them, follow the link and register a special account https://superforex.com/partnership-program

2. Rights and obligations.

2.1. Every Client can receive its own referral link to invite friends and become a referrer. One referrer can have only one referral link.

2.2. Invited person eligible to become a referrer to invite their own friends within the current program.

2.3. The SuperForex Company is obligated to grant rewards for referred persons for maximum 3 times and provide the Easy deposit bonus immediately.

2.4. Both referrer and referred person are obligated to follow the terms and conditions of the Easy deposit bonus related with current “EDB referral links” program.

2.5. The SuperForex Company is eligible to set the amount of reward for the invited trader at the discretion of the company and currently it’s 50% over the first deposit made by the referred person for the first account registered with SuperForex for the first time, within Easy deposit bonus program.

2.6. The referrer is obligated to follow the terms and conditions of the Easy deposit bonus granted with reward. As soon as the bonus is granted, further disputes related to accrued funds are considered according to the terms and conditions of the Easy deposit bonus Agreement.

2.7. The referrer cannot receive rewards over its own account registered by its own referral link.

2.8. The referrer is not eligible to receive reward over accounts registered by their relatives.

2.9. The referrer is obligated to register 3 accounts compatible with Easy deposit bonus (ECN Standard-mini USD/EUR/GBP) in the client cabinet, with aim to be awarded, otherwise instant award crediting isn’t guaranteed.

2.10. The Superforex Company isn’t responsible for cases of reward losses due to unsuccessful trading with Easy deposit bonus.

2.11. The SuperForex Company is eligible to reconsider and change terms and conditions of the current agreement without prior notifications of the participants.

2.12. If referred friend's deposit is less than $2 then the Company isn't obligated to make a reward to the referrer for this friends.

3. Using, withdrawal and cancellation of the reward.

3.1. Reward can only be used together with an Easy deposit bonus.

3.2. The procedure for withdrawing funds received with use of granted reward is regulated by the terms and conditions of the Easy deposit bonus granted on the reward.

3.3. The SuperForex Company is eligible to cancel provided reward if:

3.3.1. A Referrer abused the granted funds or violated the terms and conditions of the current agreement;

3.3.2. If a referred person violated terms and conditions of the User Agreement or requested cancellation of the Easy deposit bonus as soon as it’s granted (mistaken request);

3.3.3. In case if “EDB referral links program” is over;

3.3.4. In other cases stipulated by the basic client agreement.