Holy Apples Contest

1. General conditions, terminology

1.1. Contest is an event organized by the Company, the purpose of which is to increase the trading activity of customers, gain new experience and draw prizes.

1.2. Holy Apples is a contest with a limited duration in one round, according to the results of which 10 entries will be selected for the main prize - the Apple Iphone 15 smartphone.

1.3. Applicants for a prize of 10 people are determined automatically, based on the trading result achieved upon trading with shares of the Apple Company for the entire period of the contest.

1.4. The Company set a special procedure for registration in the contest, based on the registration of a special account, which clients must replenish themselves. Clients who trade with Apple shares but have not registered in the contest are not considered participants in the contest.

2. Rights and obligations

2.1. The Client has the right to refuse to participate in the contest at any stage and refuse to receive a prize. If the winner of the round refuses the prize, the new winner is not set by the Company.

2.2. The Client has the right to use any trading strategies, allowed by the User Agreement. The Company reserves power to disqualify traders who violate terms and conditions in terms of use of forbidden trading strategies.

2.3. The client undertakes to provide the margin necessary for opening deals. The Client is aware that by investing the minimum possible amount of profit, they will not be able to gain an advantage over other traders, but in any case will be able to count on receiving and withdrawing profits, if this does not contradict clause 3.2 of this agreement, as well as the rules of the User Agreement.

2.4. The Company may require the winning client to write a positive review about the Company, based on the fact that the client has received a successful trading result and a positive experience using the Company's services, and other traders who are still in search of a reliable brokerage company should find out about it.

2.5. The Company may require an interview from a client who wins the main prize as well as participation in other marketing activities.

2.6. The Company undertakes to notify the client of the victory in the round by publishing the winner's name on the website or sending a special message by e-mail specified during registration.

2.7. The Company has the right to change the terms of the contest at its discretion without prior notice to the contest participants.

2.8. The Company has the right to unilaterally suspend the validity of this contest, if necessary.

2.9. The Company is not responsible for the negative consequences for the participant of the contest, in case of suspension of the rates by the decision of the liquidity provider, as well as in case of forced closure of the deal after reaching the stop-out level.

2.10. The Company undertakes to determine the winner and issue a prize to the winner of the contest within 20 working days from the moment of its completion, as soon as the announced Apple Iphone 15 prize becomes available for sale and its value is determined. At the same time, the Company may replace the promised prize with a cash equivalent and refuses to control their use. The prize can also be given out in the form of bonuses, the profit from which can be withdrawn in accordance with the terms of the bonus agreement.