Easy Deposit Bonus Agreement

1. Every SuperForex (further - the Company) customer has the right to receive the Easy Deposit Bonus on their maximum on 3 trading accounts. At the same time it can be received two times/per account.

2. Exclusivity and compatibility: The Easy Deposit Bonus cannot be combined with any other bonuses, including the Welcome+ Bonus, the Energy Bonus, the Hot Bonus, and the No Deposit Bonus.

3. The Easy Deposit Bonus is provided based on the ECN Standard-Mini account (Swap-free) with a maximum leverage of 1:100.

3.1. Own (internal) transfers isn't considered as a new deposit made on account for the bonus to be granted.

4. The Easy Deposit Bonus cannot be withdrawn. Profit over the bonus can be withdrawn.

4.1. The maximum amount of the bonus is $750.00 plus initial deposit which will be joint to the bonus.

4.2. The term of use of the bonus funds received is unlimited.

4.3. Initial deposit made for getting of the bonus is considered as a part of the bonus or payment for provided funds. Client can withdraw a profit over the bonus while bonus funds is cancelled after withdrawal.

4.4. Profit is allowed for withdrawal to completely verified accounts only and if all deals are closed.

5. Amount of the profit which can be withdrawn is limited by amount of initial deposit and by the number of traded lots.

5.1. Maximum and the minimum which can be withdrawn is calculated with next formula:

  • Maximum = Deposit 1 *300% + Sum of further deposits Minimum is set on the amount of initial deposit if deposit > $10;
  • if deposit $5... $9.99 than the minimum = amount of the deposit *150% If deposit <$5 than the minimum = 300% over the deposit.

5.2. Amount of the profit which can be withdrawn is also dependent on the amount of traded lots by the proportion 1 traded lot = $2. In other words, in order to be able to withdraw $30, the customer must have traded at least 15 lots in total.

5.3. Upon the traded lots calculations, the Company takes into account only the deals with a positive trading result of at least +5 pips per lot. Other deals will not be counted.

5.4. The Client is eligible to request a withdrawal only once. Rest of funds will be cancelled after withdrawal being a bonus funds.

6. The Client is eligible to request a full cancelation of the bonus to retrieve their deposit funds if 3000% easy deposit bonus is requested by mistake. However this action is possible if trades isn't started yet.

7. Maximum volume of every particular deal when using the Easy Deposit Bonus is 0.5 lot. The level of stop-out is 50%, and the margin call level is 100%.

8. The maximum leverage for customers who received the Easy Deposit Bonus is 1:100.

9. The Customer agrees that in the event that SuperForex suspects a fraudulent activity involving the bonus, the latter can be declared void and the results of the trading can be annulled.

10. The Customer agrees that the Company is eligible to set a special range of assets available for trading with a bonus as well as limitations by the number of the deals which can be opened at the same time.

11. The Company is eligible to cancel the Easy deposit bonus without prior notification in the following cases:

11.1. In case of request to withdraw a profit according to the Clause 5.4 of the Agreement;

11.2. In case of detection of abuse with a bonus and its use in prohibited trading strategies

specified in clause 3.16.10, or 5.14 – 5.25 clauses of the Client Agreement;

11.3. In case of automatic closing the deals with a Stop out which indicates the incorrect use of the bonus funds received;

11.4. In other cases, on the basis of the clauses of the Client Agreement implying the cancellation of trading results, given that provided bonus funds belongs to the

SuperForex, eligible to dispose them at the discretion of the Company.

12. The Company is not responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of cancelling the bonus, including but not limited to a Stop-Out, as the bonus belongs to the Company.

13. By applying for the Easy Deposit Bonus you acknowledge you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement.